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Our Work

  • COBRA DANE Enhancing Our National Space Surveillance Assets – Cobra Dane

    The Riverside Research RAD Lab is proud of its unrivaled track record of enhancing the mission performance of all the radar systems we support. Most recently, the engineering team authored enhancements to the AN/FPS-108 Cobra Dane Radar Mission software that significantly increase the system’s Spacetrack data yield and satellite tasking throughput.

  • Leveraging Commercial Big Data Solutions for ISR Applications Leveraging Commercial Big Data Solutions for ISR Applications

    Operationalizing intelligence for global missions requires a novel approach to current ISR challenges. In collaboration with IBM and Exelis VIS, our innovative research leverages commercial Big Data solutions and cloud-based processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) systems to save time and money.

  • Cyber Providing Effective Encryption for all DOD Files

    Riverside Research develops and supports Encryption Wizard—the DOD’s first easy-to-use, FIPS 140-2 accredited, and free file encryptor. Encryption Wizard enables sensitive files to be securely stored, posted on public websites, and emailed across independent networks.

  • Automated Collection Planning Tool (ACPT) ACPT: A Dynamic GOTS Product with a History of Success

    Riverside Research's Automated Collection Planning Tool (ACPT) – a government off-the-shelf (GOTS) software product – was modified to support the Multi-Spectral Thermal Imager (MTI) and TACSAT-3 programs.

  • Radar Assessment and Development Laboratory Investing in the Technical Solutions for Tomorrow’s Sensors

    Our Radar Assessment and Development Laboratory (RAD Lab) is investing in the development of a powerful radar data analysis toolset called PHAROS: Performance, Health, and Analysis of Radar Operations Suite.

  • Systems Engineering Navigating the Dynamic World of Persistent Data

    Riverside Research provided comprehensive systems engineering support to the Multi-Agency Persistence Integrated Program Office (IPO), making critical persistence-derived information available to the military services and national agencies involved in our nation’s defense.

  • Electromagnetic Sciences Results Made Available in Hours, Not Days

    Recent improvements to Riverside Research’s computational electromagnetics (CEM) prediction capability have focused on the use of the Adaptive Cross Approximation (ACA) technique, hierarchical matrix decomposition, and reduced rank solvers.

  • Airborne Reconnaissance -  Airborne Cueing and Exploitation System Hyperspectral (ACES Hy) Harvesting the Hyperspectral Investment

    On behalf of the United States Air Force, Riverside Research is leading comprehensive technical and operational support in the development, testing, and employment of the Airborne Cueing and Exploitation System Hyperspectral (ACES Hy), the Air Force’s premier tactical hyperspectral imaging (HSI) program.

  • Cyber Secure End Nodes: The Future of Cybersecurity

    Riverside Research is fundamentally changing the cybersecurity game by developing products side by side with its government sponsors that minimize susceptibility, restrict threat access, and reduce exploitation potential.

  • Radar Center of Excellence Replacing a National Treasure

    Through our Radar Center of Excellence (COE), Riverside Research is providing acquisition support to the U.S. Navy for the $1.6 billion Cobra Judy Replacement (CJR) system.

  • MASINT Portal MASINT Portal: Search, Discover, Protect

    Working closely with the Portal Program Office, Riverside Research has helped transform the MASINT Portal from a single network interface to the premier Intelligence Community search and discovery tool it is today.

  • Biomedical Engineering Leaving Cancer Nowhere to Hide

    Using Riverside Research’s innovative ultrasonic 3D method of analyzing cancer-containing lymph nodes, doctors are better equipped to treat cancer patients.

  • Biomedical Engineering Improved Prostate-cancer Detection and Focal Treatment

    Transcending the limitations of conventional imaging methods, Riverside Research is breaking new ground in detecting, evaluating, treatment planning, and monitoring of prostate cancer.

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