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Our People

Corporate Executives
  • Richard Annas
    Richard Annas
  • Michael F. Cade
    Michael F. Cade
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Joris M. Hogan
    Joris M. Hogan
    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Roy Park
    Roy Park
    Director of Administration
Vice Presidents
  • Frank Falco, PhD
    Frank Falco, PhD
    Vice President for Research & Engineering
  • Joel Rieman
    Joel Rieman
    Vice President for Programs
Corporate Staff
  • Kelly Allen
    Kelly Allen
    Director, Proposal Development
  • Michael Berger
    Michael Berger
    Manager, Information Technology
  • John Boylan
    John Boylan
    Business Development Executive
  • Benjamin Leach
    Benjamin Leach
    Manager, Strategic Communications
  • Tim Lemons
    Tim Lemons
    Director of Capture
  • Janice Long
    Janice Long
    Director, Executive Staff
  • Irene C. Smith
    Irene C. Smith
    Director of Contracts
  • James Whitten
    James Whitten
    Director of Security and Facilities
  • Harold J. Arata III, PhD
    Harold J. Arata III, PhD
    Director and Chair, Cyber COE
  • Dominic J. Baca
    Dominic J. Baca
    Associate Research Director, Intelligence & Defense Solutions Directorate
  • Rusty Baldwin, PhD
    Rusty Baldwin, PhD
    Director of Research, Cyber Center of Excellence
  • Mary Barefoot-Greiner
    Mary Barefoot-Greiner
    Deputy for Programs
  • Ron Cole
    Ron Cole
    Chair, ISR COE
  • Robin De La Vega
    Robin De La Vega
    Research Director, Emerging Programs and Support Directorate
  • Terrence Gnau
    Terrence Gnau
    Research Director, Engineering & Support Solutions Directorate
  • James Luke
    James Luke
    Associate Research Director, Intelligence & Defense Solutions Directorate
  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller
    Associate Research Director, Intelligence & Defense Solutions Directorate
  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson
    Research Director, Intelligence & Defense Solutions Directorate
  • Tami Souders
    Tami Souders
    Research Director, Airborne Reconnaissance Systems Directorate
Research & Engineering
  • Peter Beer
    Peter Beer
    Director of Business Development, Research & Engineering
  • Matt Brewer
    Matt Brewer
    Interim Laboratory Manager, Cyber Research Lab
  • Philip Chorman
    Philip Chorman
    Laboratory Director, RAD Lab
  • Ernest Feleppa, PhD
    Ernest Feleppa, PhD
    Laboratory Director, Biomedical Engineering Lab and Chair, Biomedical Engineering COE
  • Jeffrey A. Ketterling, PhD
    Jeffrey A. Ketterling, PhD
    Associate Director, Biomedical Engineering Lab
  • Eric Patterson
    Eric Patterson
    Director of Operations, Research & Engineering
  • John Ploschnitznig
    John Ploschnitznig
    Laboratory Director, MAD Lab
  • Jeffrey D. Pursel, PhD
    Jeffrey D. Pursel, PhD
    Laboratory Director, EM Lab and Chair, EM COE
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