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Cyberspace is one of the most rapidly evolving and pervasive domains, intersecting all warfighting, government, and private-sector elements in land, sea, air, and space operations. As cyber threats continue to escalate, protecting the power grid, transportation systems, oil, gas, water, and other critical infrastructure is vital to national security and stability. Riverside Research established the Cyber Center of Excellence to expand the knowledge and application of cutting-edge cybersecurity technology in support of government and broad national cyber goals, including Critical Infrastructure Protection. Aligned with our customers, we are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of the cyberspace landscape by developing world-class, mission-focused capabilities.  

The Cyber Center of Excellence works with government, industry, and academic customers to identify the technologies, products, and services necessary to meet requirements. Once identified, we compile a team of highly-skilled subject matter experts and systems engineers to perform detailed analysis and conduct research to create, develop, and deliver cybersecurity solutions.

Our Services

  • Research and development
  • Side channel analysis
  • Systems engineering
  • Software/tool development
  • Software reverse engineering
  • Penetration testing
  • Technical assessments
  • Key Customers/ Programs
    • Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors Directorate
    • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Leveraging the Analog Domain for Security (LADS)
    • Air Force Institute of Technology, Center for Cyberspace Research
  • Partnerships/Collaborations
    • Wright State University, Ohio
    • Ohio Homeland Security Advisory Council
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