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Independent Research and Development

As a premier not-for-profit provider of trusted technical and scientific expertise, Riverside Research is committed to maximizing the fundamentals of science through an internally-funded, laboratory-managed Independent Research and Development (IRAD) program. Our subject matter experts are continuously defining pathways that advance scientific and engineering disciplines, leading to innovative and justified technology developments.

The Riverside Research IRAD program:

  • Demonstrates our commitment to maintaining our unique research heritage
  • Provides a mechanism to continuously inject new capabilities into the nation's ever-growing technical arsenal
  • Draws on the innovative ideas and first-hand experiences of our people to deliver cutting-edge, mission-focused solutions at significantly reduced cost and risk
  • Attracts and retains top technical talent and encourages professional growth

We believe that IRAD investments are integral to the future success of Riverside Research. The projects listed below represent our IRAD activities since the program was established in 2011.

Fueling innovation for the advancement of scientific research in the public interest

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