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Research & Development

Riverside Research offers a broad range of analysis, design, testing, and development capabilities in several R&D focus areas. Our subject matter experts leverage state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and software-development tools to rapidly deliver prototypes and applications for the most advanced and complex projects.

Whether conducting independent research and development, providing technical reach-back support to our advisory and assistance services programs, or directly supporting a customer, Riverside Research drives innovation through influential discoveries and technological revolutions that reshape the biomedical, cyber, defense, and intelligence communities.

The added value for our customers:

  • Multidisciplinary R&D Capabilities
    • Dynamic project teams that provide full-spectrum technical solutions
    • Embedded, real-time technical expertise in geographically-disbursed tactical teams
  • Reach-back support
    • Innovative solutions to anticipated needs
    • Rapid and agile task responses
    • SME support without long-term commitment
  • Technology transfer
    • Basic and applied research
    • Robust IR&D program

Frank Falco, PhD
Vice President for Research & Development
Peter Beer
Director of Technology Development, Research & Development
Eric Patterson
Director of Operations, Research & Development

The Riverside Research Open Innovation Center, located in Dayton, Ohio, is a collaborative work environment that fosters creativity, synergy, and ultimately delivers innovative solutions to current and anticipated challenges. With secure, dedicated laboratory spaces and advanced technology workstations, the Open Innovation Center integrates R&D theory, modeling and simulation tools, and experimental capabilities to advance the state-of-the-art in many critical and broadly applicable technology areas.

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