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Domain Expertise
  • Riverside Research’s EM Lab offers government and industry customers over 30 years of expertise in the research and development of advanced computational tools to analyze electromagnetic interactions and optimize the design of complex electromagnetic applications. We provide highly-efficient computational kernels and design optimization tools capable of producing practical, realizable designs for applications of electromagnetic radiation and scattering. Our kernels are well validated, highly accurate, and designed to fully exploit high performance supercomputers through extensive use of vectorization, multi-level parallelization, and asynchronous operations. Our optimization tools employ several global and local methodologies, including Genetic Algorithms and minimum gradient techniques, as well as advanced capabilities, including Pareto methods for multiobjective design optimization and constraints to enforce the manufacturability and design requirements. Tools developed by the EM Lab have advanced the operations and technical achievements of numerous programs.

  • EM Lab expertise spans the full range of technical subject-matter areas needed to support the development of software tools to analyze and design electromagnetic applications. These include

    • Electromagnetic phenomenology
    • Computational electromagnetics
    • Antenna and scattering predictions
    • Multiobjective design optimization
    • High performance computing
    • Software development and testing
    • Modeling and simulation
    • Intuitive user-friendly interfaces
    • Measurements and data analysis


Our EM Lab has developed a large suite of prediction, analysis, and design optimization tools that have advanced the operations and technical achievements of numerous programs. These include fullwave, approximate, and hybrid prediction codes and advanced optimization methodologies. EM Lab tools are designed to be highly modular and extensible to facilitate their use with customer proprietary capabilities and to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Our computational resources include an in-house SGI Altix UV 100 system that is used to support a variety of customer applications.

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