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Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Riverside Research provides innovative technology solutions for addressing critical national security challenges. Grounded in sound scientific principles, our team of experts integrates cutting-edge computing technologies with proven and evolving mathematical and statistical methods to create revolutionary ISR solutions. Our unique blend of operational and scientific expertise is focused on Multi-INT, Multi-sensor data fusion as a critical enabler for maintaining our Nation’s ISR advantage.


  • Sensor perception and intelligent decision making
  • Autonomous real-time at-sensor analytics
  • End-to-end Multi-INT, Multi-sensor data fusion
  • Cognitive computing for ISR applications
  • ISR big-data analytics

Mission Areas

  • Literal and non-literal imagery analysis (EO/IR, Multi/Hyperspectral, SAR, OPIR)
  • Manned and unmanned aerial and space systems
  • Land, sea, air, space, and cyber domain operations
  • ISR Planning & Direction, Collection, Processing & Exploitation, Analysis & Production, Dissemination (PCPAD)


  • 348 sq ft secure laboratory space
  • State of the art cognitive/high performance computing environment
  • Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) hardware and software ecosystem
  • ISR big-data research environment
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