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Riverside Research provides novel, innovative, cost-effective solutions to complex real-world challenges using photonic technologies. Our diverse team of experts will work synergistically to take an idea from its inception to the prototype/product phase using a variety of design and computational tools; fabrication, testing, and characterization capabilities.


  • Next-generation multispectral optical sensors
  • Non-invasive brain injury assessment
  • Remote counterfeit risk mitigation
  • Photonic metamaterials
  • CBRNE detect and defeat technologies
  • Optical anti-tamper technology

Mission Areas

  • Forward combat medical care for rapid wound healing and clinical diagnosis
  • Remote activation of nano-meds for targeted drug delivery and therapy
  • Long-range threat detection and mitigation systems to combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Enhancing cybersecurity and cyber-warfare through counterfeit risk mitigation
  • Defect detection through non-destruction evaluation of materials and structures


  • 600 sq ft secured space
  • Bio-chem analyzer
  • THz imaging system
  • 3D photoacoustic imager
  • Hyperspectral sensors
  • Adaptive focal plane arrays
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