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Riverside Research provides responsive solutions to advanced customer problems involving terrestrial and space plasma applications. Our team of experts creates solutions beginning with theoretical predictions and analyses, followed by system modeling and simulation, and ending with validation experiments using state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.


  • Ionospheric and space environments
  • Hypersonic environments
  • Space propulsion
  • Biomedical applications

Mission Areas

  • Advanced Over-the-Horizon Radar
  • Ionospheric/space weather effects on satellites, sensors, and communications
  • Advanced propulsion systems for small satellites
  • Radiation remediation in the Van Allen belts
  • Plasma interactions and instabilities


  • 2,025 sq ft secured space
  • 5.3m x 2.5m vacuum facility
  • Volumetric plasma source
  • High resolution triple-grating spectrometer-based diagnostics
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