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Radar Assessment and Development

Domain Expertise
  • Riverside Research has established an independent team of national radar subject matter experts with unrivaled experience in the development, implementation, and assessment of radar system algorithm functionality and mission performance. This expertise is leveraged by various DOD entities to meet a wide range of radar acquisition and sustainment needs.

    From our Boston Research Office, the RAD Lab supports the development and operation of some of the most advanced radar systems ever deployed for Ballistic Missile Technical Collection, Ballistic Missile Defense, and Space Situational Awareness missions. This technical support includes full lifecycle engineering services, from concept definition and specification development through formal testing, independent verification and validation, deployment, sustainment, and eventual service life extension or system modernization/upgrade.

  • The RAD Lab provides advanced radar system engineering, analysis, and products. This expertise includes high-end technical support and advisement to the national agencies responsible for acquisition and development, independent test and evaluation and operation of advanced, multi-mission national radar assets. Specific support functions and analysis products include:

    • Feasibility and System Architecture Trade Studies
    • Analysis of Alternative (AoA) Studies
    • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
    • Developmental and Operational Testing
    • Algorithm Prototyping and Assessment


The RAD Lab is bolstered by an extensive library of specialized radar test data analysis tools, algorithm models and simulations, and analysis techniques that are available to Government sponsors.

  • Performance Health & Analysis of Radar Operations Suite (PHAROS)

    Riverside Research is continually investing in the development of powerful radar data analysis tools. The core of this capability is PHAROS. For the first time, radar engineers, data analysts, and system maintainers will be capable of rapid, quantitative evaluation of virtually all aspects of sensor performance and mission execution.

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  • Generic Radar Simulator (RADSim)

    Riverside Research is currently developing RADSim, a robust, high-fidelity generic radar simulator that significantly amplifies our radar assessment and algorithm development capabilities. RADSim will allow radar engineers and system maintainers to simulate the core functional elements of technical collection sensors without the use of specialized system hardware or software.

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