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Radio Frequency Systems

Riverside Research develops and transitions proven, secure-by-design Electromagnetics (EM) transceiver technology from the laboratory to the field. Our team of experts analyzes n-dimensional trade-spaces associated with secure-by-design military and commercial EM transceiver technologies and their associated costs and matures the technologies required to mitigate deficiencies.


  • Secure-by-design EM technologies
  • Secure software-defined data link functions
  • System vulnerability analysis
  • Penetration testing from multiple vectors
  • Electronic Warfare methods, techniques, and analysis

Mission Areas

  • Radio frequency waveform and data packet authentication
  • Spectrum warfare
  • Anti-tamper
  • Cognitive systems
  • Distributed systems


  • >85 dB of RF isolation, 100 MHz–10 GHz
  • Cable chase to rooftop antenna deployment area
  • Internal network
  • Secure processing
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