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Analysis of Alternatives

Domain Expertise
  • Riverside Research was the lead contractor for the Air Force Acquisition Category (ACAT) 1D Ballistic Missile Technical Collection (BMTC) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA). This two-year process established Riverside Research as the community leader in providing innovative solutions to extremely technically challenging and complex problem sets.

    We subsequently supported the follow-on BMTC community study to address changing threats and opportunities to integrate BMTC capabilities with missile defense systems for overall system-of-systems performance enhancements. Riverside Research played key roles in the Air Force Mobile Nuclear Air Sampling (MNAS) Functional Needs Assessment (FNA) and Functional Solutions Assessment (FSA), the Cobra Dane Study, the United States Nuclear Detection System (USNDS) Next Generation Study, and the National MASINT Office (NMO) ANTPY-2 and Cobra Judy Disposition Studies.

    Riverside Research is committed to remaining the US government's preeminent source of independent, unbiased technical support to conduct analysis of alternatives (AoA) and related feasibility and trade studies.

  • We are experts in advanced sensing technologies across the various electromagnetic disciplines. Riverside Research works hand-in-hand with academic institutions, service organizations, and national agencies to provide intelligence-related support in the following areas:

    • MASINT
    • GEOINT
    • Remote sensing
    • Full-motion video (FMV)
    • Radar
    • Electro-optical/infrared
    • Spectral
    • Airborne reconnaissance
    • Electromagnetic sciences
    • Software Protection/Anti-Tampering
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
    • Open source intelligence (OSINT)
    • Activity-based intelligence (ABI)

  • Key Customers/ Programs:
    • Office of the Secretary of Defense
    • Director of National Intelligence
    • Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
    • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    • Defense Intelligence Agency
    • National MASINT Office
  • Partnerships/Collaborations

    The JCIDS/AoA process is typically not conducted in a vacuum, but rather leverages the experience and skills of the many affected agencies and organizations. In order to tackle issues that require the involvement of industry and government organizations/agencies, many times Riverside Research will act as a study facilitator to manage the flow of information necessary to conduct the study. This collaborative community involvement also serves to build community acceptance of the final study approach and solutions. Examples of existing partnerships and collaborative teams include:

    • Office of Aerospace Studies
    • Department of Energy
    • National Air and Space Intelligence Center
    • Missile and Space Intelligence Center
    • National MASINT Office
    • United States Air Force
    • United States Navy
    • Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
    • Lincoln Laboratory
    • Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • Sandia National Laboratory

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