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Education and Training

Domain Expertise
  • Riverside Research provides research and collegiate-level education advisory and assistance services (A&AS) support in the technical intelligence, operations research, scientific test and analysis techniques in test & evaluation, and cyber arenas. We design, develop, present, and maintain Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), graduate- and undergraduate-level curriculum that meets national- and international-level accreditation standards. We accomplish this through a detailed, comprehensive, and methodical approach to theoretical and applied research and by adhering to rigorous instructional system design (ISD) standards. Our accredited technical and non-technical curricula serve as the building blocks for the development of training curriculum and short courses, providing hands-on training expertise for our government, academic, and industry customers and partners. Additionally, our state-of-the-art materials support many workforce development education and training efforts. We offer all facets of education and training programmatic support, to include information technology (IT), financial, security, graphics, and administrative support at all classification levels. By working closely with national, state, and local government agencies, academic institutions, and industry, we provide high-quality research, training, and education support services.

    • Technical intelligence
    • Advanced sensing technologies
    • Intelligence operations and applications
    • Operations research
    • Scientific test and analysis techniques in test and evaluation
    • Cyber security
    • Computer gaming
    • Atmospheric effects
    • Unmanned aerial systems
    • Air traffic control and air traffic management
    • STEM education
    • Programmatic support functions, including program management, finance, IT, security, technical writing and editing, marketing, graphics, and administration
  • Key Customers/ Programs
    • The Office of the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Developmental Test and Evaluation, Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques in Test and Evaluation Center of Excellence
    • The Air Force Institute of Technology
      • Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
      • Center for Technical Intelligence Studies and Research
      • Center for Operational Analysis
      • Center for Cyberspace Research
      • Center for Directed Energy
      • Department of Engineering Physics
      • Office of Systems Engineering Management
      • Office of Extension Services
    • The University of Dayton
    • Louisiana Tech University
    • Wilberforce University
    • Clark State Community College
    • Sinclair Community College
    • The Advanced Technical Intelligence Center
    • The Dayton Regional STEM Center
  • Partnerships/Collaborations
    • United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation
    • Advanced Technical Intelligence Association
    • The University of Dayton
    • Wilberforce University
    • Clark State Community College
    • Sinclair Community College
    • The Dayton Regional STEM Center
    • National Military Intelligence Association
    • Dayton Development Coalition
    • Analytical Graphics Incorporated
    • Project Lead the Way Advisory Committee - STEM (Fairborn HS)
    • Adsurgo
    • The Garrett Group
    • Up and Running
    • Applied Research Solutions

Professional Education

Riverside Research is a nationally recognized leader in the development, presentation, and maintenance of DoD-approved training and education courses. Our team of expert instructors and college professors can rapidly tailor our extensive course material to meet your specific education and training needs at all classification levels.

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