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Modeling and Simulation

Domain Expertise
  • Riverside Research develops and applies models, simulations, and other tools that support requirements analysis, development activities, operational analysis, scientific analysis, verification/validation, education, and advanced mission planning.

    We ensure decision makers have actionable, clear, and concise information by building in the constraints; assessing, optimizing, and allocating resources; and incorporating stakeholder concerns. Our models and tailored applications lead to an enhanced understanding of operational environments and complex problems.

    Riverside Research also leverages our industry-leading experience in systems integration and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) integration to bridge the gap between the simulation and operational worlds.

  • Riverside Research is a scientific, engineering, and technology company that uses its broad domain knowledge to solve complex problems of vital importance to the nation. Our modeling and simulation expertise provides significant value to our customers across a wide range of these domains. Our models, interactive simulations, and applications support live, virtual, and constructive environments in areas such as:

    • Electro-optical system engineering
    • Radar system engineering
    • System concept definition and analysis
    • Mission and collection planning
    • Information management/information technology
    • Analysis of Alternatives
    • Operations research
    • Tradeoff analysis
    • Technology assessments
    • System-of-systems analysis
    • Logistics analysis
    • Threat analysis
  • Key Customers/ Programs
    • System engineering and integration
    • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
    • Intelligence operations support
    • Mission management and support
    • Information technology
    • Training and education
  • Partnerships/Collaborations
    • Analytical Graphics Inc.
    • Sinclair Community College
    • Wright State University
    • University of Dayton Research Institute
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