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Security and Facility Engineering

Domain Expertise
  • Riverside Research provides experienced, uniquely qualified professional engineering, construction management, and security advisory experts to express customer mission requirements in architectural and engineering terms for secure facility construction. Our personnel possess the appropriate Department of Defense security credentials, allowing them to conduct in-depth tenant interviews of classified mission requirements which are translated to an unclassified level for inclusion in contract documents. Our architects, engineers, and security personnel employ their extensive knowledge of security requirements, intelligence operational needs, current construction practices, and building code requirements to ensure projects functionally meet tenant and mission requirements.

    Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) can be driven by many factors and the Riverside Research team is well versed in analyzing the threats and vulnerabilities associated with facility critical infrastructure. Riverside Research will analyze the facility and mission requirements to create a documented vulnerability analysis and provide cost effective solutions to mitigate those vulnerabilities. With extensive certification and accreditation (C&A) expertise, our engineers and security managers can assess the security of an information system by identifying, understanding, and managing the risks associated with the system's use to support the security C&A process integral to an agency's information security program.

    • Conduct thorough review of contract documents for mission operations, constructability, and code compliance prior to project bids solicitation
    • Perform technical project design reviews to identify conflicts between building codes and security regulations so that project modifications and construction delays are mitigated
    • Document project and facility risk assessments so that appropriate infrastructure and security requirements are properly implemented
    • Perform field-level inspections of various ODNI standards including, but not limited to, ICD 705, TEMPEST, EMSEC, and SAP/SAR (Special Access Programs/Special Access Rooms) to ensure construction meets security regulations
    • Conduct risk management assessments, develop facility Concept of Operations (CONOPS), and prepare construction security plans and submission for pre-construction, interim design, and final-accreditation approval
    • Provide direct, on-site Security Management and Professional Support Services training to ensure continuing long-term secure facility operations
  • Key Customers/ Programs
    • Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC)
    • Air Force ISR Agency
    • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    • National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)
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