Ashley Hough, PhD

Ashley White, PhD

Areas of Expertise

  • Electromagnetic materials
  • High-frequency experimental test methods
  • Fatigue effects on electromagnetic shielding and transmission
  • Transmission line immunity behavior
  • Nonlinear conductivity of composite materials

Background and Current Work

Dr. Ashley White is a research scientist for Riverside Research primarily focusing on engineering systems that enable plasma research, including designing and developing key experimental test setups in our plasma physics laboratory. Dr. White performed research for the USAF while completing her masters and PhD degrees. She has developed expertise in electromagnetic validation of componentry and materials for transmission and shielding. She has conducted experiments in a multitude of test environments ranging from bench tests to open-area test sites using pulsed power devices to larger scale chambers.

Dr. White’s interests include extending the understanding of plasma-based propulsion systems as well as understanding the interrelationship between plasma and shielded systems. She has also performed experiments on frequency-selective materials which will facilitate the development of plasma-based metamaterials.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Dr. White received a BS in physics and chemistry from Keene State College and an MS in mechanical engineering and PhD in materials engineering from the University of Dayton.