Daniel M. Puchalski

Daniel M. Puchalski

Areas of Expertise

  • Hyperspectral remote sensing
  • Sensor performance testing
  • Mission applications
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Data noise reduction
  • Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT)

Background and Current Work

Daniel Puchalski joined Riverside Research in 2012. He has developed several concepts, systems, and technologies for use by government agencies, including:

  • A spectral system to detect command wire-detonated IEDs
  • An algorithm to detect tissues infected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Cow, Chronic Wasting Disease, and Scrapie)
  • An unattended ground-based hyperspectral sensor capable of near real time (1/60th second) analysis of equipment in an operational environment
  • Algorithms to detect camouflage, concealment, deception, and narcotics operations
  • An algorithm to remotely identify narcotics crops and invasive plant species
  • A design and implementation of an end-to-end process to automatically exploit visible light through long wave hyperspectral data

Daniel is the inventor of the BandMax algorithm currently implemented in the commercial ENVI software. He was selected by his customer to exploit all hyperspectral data for a new multi-million dollar sensor fusion system as part of a multinational initiative. He led the user utility analytical team for the Warfighter-1 hyperspectral system and has led several spectral teams for counter narcotics missions in South America. He developed custom algorithms to process 100% of the data collected by the USAF ARTEMIS hyperspectral satellite.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Daniel was certified as an applied science technician by the USAF in 1992 and has been providing expertise in hyperspectral data for 21 years and measurements and signatures intelligence (MASINT) technologies for the last 25.