Dr. James Graham

Dr. James Graham
Job Title
Senior Research Scientist

Areas of Expertise

  • Machine Learning
  • Image Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Image/Data Fusion

Background and Current Work

Dr. James Graham is a senior research scientist for Riverside Research’s Optics and Photonics group, part of its Open Innovation Center. He performs research in the areas of machine learning (cognitive intelligence, deep learning, etc.), signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and tracking. While at Riverside, Dr. Graham’s has worked on several projects, including ways to leverage side-channel emissions to distinguish between different devices or even the software running on a device, techniques to improve or assist with reverse engineering tasks, and methods to enhance or improve our ability to understand and visualize THz images.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Dr. Graham received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ohio. His dissertation was on the development and implementation of an intelligent motivated learning architecture. He has authored or co-authored over 40 journal and conference publications.


A list of publications can be found on Dr. Graham's ResearchGate profile.