Eli Lansey, PhD

Eli Lansey, PhD

Areas of Expertise

  • Computational electromagnetics (CEM)
  • Electromagnetic phenomenology
  • Metamaterials

Background and Current Work

Dr. Eli Lansey is a physicist specializing in modeling and analysis of complex electromagnetic (EM) systems in support of multiple US government customers’ advanced EM modeling and development efforts, including software development, applied research, and first-principles physical calculations. Dr. Lansey develops state-of-the-art algorithms for high performance electromagnetic software tools, including domain decomposition methods (DDM), adaptive cross approximation (ACA), and others. He has recently investigated novel analytic and semi-analytic approaches for modeling a class of EM problems, reducing the effective problem size by over 90%.

Dr. Lansey also researches novel metamaterials and metamaterial applications. He is currently investigating highly-tunable metamaterials, as well as non-linear effects in metamaterials.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Dr. Lansey received a BA in physics from Yeshiva University in 2007 and an MA and PhD in physics from The City University of New York in 2009 and 2012, respectively. His thesis focused on theoretical, computational, and experimental studies of photonic and radio frequency metamaterials.


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