Isroel M. Mandel, PhD

Isroel M. Mandel, PhD

Areas of Expertise

    • Computational electromagnetics

    • Photonic crystals and metamaterials
    • Hierarchical matrix methods
    • Numerical methods

    Background and Current Work

    Dr. Isroel Mandel joined the research staff at Riverside Research in August 2014. He has seven years of experience in electromagnetic simulation and optical metamaterials, specializing in photon sorting for subwavelength resolution sensors. As a computational electromagnetic scientist, Dr. Mandel expands the theory and develops the functionality of Riverside Research’s electromagnetics codes. He also investigates novel analytic and quasi-analytic approaches for complex electromagnetic systems. Some of his notable achievements at Riverside Research include: formulating and integrating a volume integral equation method into one of our existing codes, deriving and coding new numerical algorithms for singularity extraction to improve accuracy, optimizing routines for improved runtime efficiency over a wide range of computer systems and over multiple scales of parallelism, and improving clustering algorithms for the Riverside Research hierarchical matrix method library.

    Education, Awards, and Recognition

    Dr. Mandel received his BA from Yeshiva University, MA from City College of New York, and PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center—all in physics.


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