Jim Engel

Jim Engel

Areas of Expertise

  • Mission planning
  • Remote sensing
  • Sensor development
  • Sensor data analysis

Background and Current Work

Jim Engel joined Riverside Research in 2001. He has 45 years of technical professional experience with 37 years of remote sensing experience supporting the USAF intelligence mission. He has experience as a physicist working on R&D and remote sensing projects in both sensor development and sensor data analysis. In addition, he has also worked on sensor system design, sensor construction and deployment, and the development of analysis tools and new capabilities from the sensor.

At Riverside Research, Jim supports the USAF by providing customized sensor configurations to be used against a large variety of intelligence needs. These customized sensor configurations maximize the sensor ability to detect targets or establish new exploitable target signatures. He plans field tests using these custom sensor configurations to collect the necessary “truthed” event data to evaluate the sensor data. He then recommends and oversees the development of data exploitation tools to process the newly collected data into new intelligence products.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Jim received a BA in physics and mathematics from Luther College and an MS in optical science from University of Arizona. He also attended post graduate study at the Air Force Institute of Technology in plasma physics. Jim has been awarded the Ken Miller Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) and the COBRA BRASS Founders Award from the OPIR Working Group.