Matt Moffatt

Matt Moffatt

Areas of Expertise

  • Certified Systems Tool Kit (STK), STK Components, and Cesium Expert
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Modeling and simulation

Background and Current Work

Matt Moffatt is the Lead engineer for Riverside Research’s Collection Planning Suite (CPS) and is a modeling & simulation expert. He has fourteen years of experience as program manager and engineer in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities.

Matt has led the migration of our satellite constellation planning capabilities from a desktop tool to a modern, scalable cloud-based solution. This new solution is faster and more accurate and is designed to support scaling in the cloud. Matt was responsible for architecting the analytical solution, as well as creating the analytical software and developing the backbone of the 4D WebGL visualization for the web interfaces.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Matt holds a BS and M.Eng. in aerospace engineering from the Pennsylvania State University (PSU). Matt also has a Masters Minor in high performance computing from PSU.