Philip Chorman

Philip Chorman

Areas of Expertise

  • Radar assessment and development
  • Radar systems
  • Systems lifecycle
  • Software engineering
  • Test and evaluation
  • Capabilities-based Assessment
  • Analysis of alternatives

Background and Current Work

Philip Chorman is a chief engineer for Riverside Research with over 30 years of experience in multi-mission radar and radar-guided missile programs that span the complete systems acquisition lifecycle, from specification and product development through system test, sustainment, and modernization. He has supported multiple DOD contracts for large-scale radar development projects, with emphasis on space surveillance and space debris tracking, ballistic missile defense, early warning ITW/AA, and ballistic missile technical collection missions.

Philip joined Riverside Research in 1990, supporting and later leading many successful radar programs including the Ground Based Radar Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (GBR-THAAD), Cobra Judy and Cobra Judy Replacement, Cobra Dane System Modernization (CDSM), and Cobra Dane Upgrade (CDU). He is a national subject matter expert of the Cobra Dane radar system, the nation’s first operationally certified Ground-based Midcourse Defense Radar System, and Cobra King, one of the nation’s most advanced technical collection systems. Philip’s current projects also include Globus modernization efforts and the Air Battle Management System (ABMS) Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA).

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Philip earned his BE in electrical engineering from Pratt Institute and his MS in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.