Susan Iacobacci, PhD

Susan Iacobacci

Areas of Expertise

  • 3D model visualization
  • Web app development
  • Angular JS
  • Java/Spring technologies
  • fabricJS

Background and Current Work

Dr. Susan Iacobacci designs, implements, and maintains the web interface for computational electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) simulation software, which enables the efficient user implementation of the software. Her skills include 3D model visualization using X3Dom, a C++ web server, Google Closure for the web client, and Google protocol buffers to communicate data in Python, Javascript, and C++. Dr. Iacobacci has also developed web app projects using Angular JS and Java/Spring technologies. As a lead developer, she enabled the creation and editing of markup on a PDF drawing using fabricJS with server-side PDF rendering and generating Excel output.

Education, Awards, and Recognition

Dr. Iacobacci received her BS, MS, and PhD in computer science from Purdue University where she studied interactive surface modeling and analysis.