New SSA Capabilities to Robust Constellation Planning Tool

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) is a key source of important information about human activity on earth. Policymakers, warfighters, intelligence analysts, and first responders each use this information to make smarter decisions, keep populations safe, and protect our national security. Many Government and non-Government organizations support the collection of this information. DC-based not-for-profit Riverside Research is among the organizations proud to orchestrate GEOINT collections from satellites.

Multi-phenomenology satellite constellations allow us to understand and respond to rapidly changing environments and situations. Effectively planning space-based collections helps to make the most of every collection opportunity. That way, each satellite pass can deliver the most value to warfighters, policymakers, and first responders.

“It’s vital that we make the most of every collection to support missions ranging from national security to natural disaster support,” says Riverside Research President and CEO, Dr. Steve Omick. “By orchestrating collections, we’re looking across everyone’s needs and applying value-based principles that select the most effective and efficient data source."

Riverside Research’s Collection Planning Suite (CPS) is designed to do just that. As a key component of a ground architecture, CPS addresses the unique challenges of constellation orchestration across every phenomenology and classification. Using a model-based approach, the tool integrates and manages both Government and non-Government GEOINT data providers.

Recently, the organization completed a research and development effort to add Space Situation Awareness (SSA) capabilities to the CPS.

“Space is increasingly congested and contested. The ability to adapt, maneuver, and protect critical assets is essential.” Omick continues. “CPS has done a fantastic job of automating and orchestrating GEOINT activities; expanding it to also serve the SSA community was a natural progression that fills a major gap in industry."