Riverside Research-authored Remote Sensing Textbook on Sale Now

Riverside Research’s original, unclassified remote sensing textbook, The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing, is now available for purchase. Visit www.riversideresearch.org/textbook to purchase this first-of-its-kind resource.

Authored by Riverside Research senior technical experts under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), this graduate-level text is the first to include phenomenology, sensors, and intelligence applications under one cover.

“Riverside Research and AFIT have been partners in education and training for more than a decade,” said Richard Annas, President, Riverside Research. “Built upon a certification program that ran for 10 years and fielded more than 400 analysts, The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing is the pinnacle of that partnership which now stands to benefit the broader defense and intelligence communities.”

This textbook provides a never-before-seen breadth and depth of specialized information relevant to geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) disciplines. As an accredited provider of intelligence education and a leading technical advisor in the development and application of full-spectrum GEOINT capabilities, Riverside Research is thrilled to bring this much-needed resource to the GEOINT community.

“The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing] represents a truly meaningful milestone in the evolution of teaching the technical components of GEOINT phenomenology,” said Keith Masback, CEO, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. “It is fully comprehensive, yet written in a readily understood, engaging style. This text should be part of every GEOINT professional’s library and will serve as a superb basic or applied remote sensing reference.”

Faculty, staff, students, and personnel across the spectrum of academia, government, and industry can now take advantage of this unique, technical reference. International orders are accepted. Visit www.riversideresearch.org/textbook to purchase your copy now.

More about the textbook

The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing thoroughly discusses all the necessary elements of spatial, spectral, and temporal signature collection in the visible and infrared, including non-literal imagery interpretation, thermal, reflective, and polarimetric target characterization, radiative transfer, advanced technical intelligence collection systems, and data processing, analysis, and exploitation techniques. The textbook was authored and published with funding from the Riverside Research Independent Research and Development program.

About the Air Force Institute of Technology

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