Riverside Research Commemorates Past Leaders by Recognizing Current Staff

New York, New York – Riverside Research, an independent not-for-profit scientific-research organization serving the national security, intelligence, and public health sectors since 1967, held its annual awards presentation near the company’s corporate headquarters in Lower Manhattan on April 24, 2013. Nine employees were recognized for their outstanding contributions during 2012. 

“We are an organization committed to technical excellence and trusted, mission-focused solutions,” said Richard Annas, company president. “It is always a great honor to recognize the people that bring that commitment to our customers on a daily basis.”  

The Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award, named for the late Executive Vice President, recognizes the significant achievements and practical devotion of select employees over the past year. The Lawrence H. O’Neill Award for Sustained Excellence, named for the founder of Riverside Research, is presented to those individuals maintaining a superior performance record over a period of several years.

“Earning one of these awards is the highest honor an employee can receive,” said Annas. “Our 2012 recipients, many of whom were nominated by our customers, exemplify the selfless dedication, professionalism, and integrity of Mr. Mastrandrea and Mr. O’Neill. Collectively, they represent a staff of more than 550 employees – geographically dispersed and technically diverse – working to deliver timely, innovative, cost-effective, and mission-focused solutions that enhance the security of our nation.”

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Riverside Research congratulates the following individuals.

Front row (L to R):

David Junkins, New York, NY | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award
Awarded for his integral role in enhancing several key business processes while displaying an unparalleled, unfaltering commitment to customer service in his normal duties as travel voucher clerk.

Theodore Josue, Dayton, OH | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award
Awarded for his leadership role in standing up a life-saving warfighter support mission, as well as his exemplary efforts to enhance the reputation and capabilities of Riverside Research in spectral science phenomenology.

Angela Bethel, Dayton, OH | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award
Awarded for her innovative, cost-saving contributions to the MASINT Portal program as the system administrator responsible for daily operations, as well as her vital role in securing the follow-on to the MASINT DCGS and Sensor Web contract.

David Carpenter, Greenville, TX | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award
Awarded for his tireless dedication to improving flight operations safety in special purpose aircraft as Director of Flight Test, Flight Operations, and Chief of Avionics for the 645th AESS Special Projects Division.

Back row (L to R):

Michael Hammond, NCR | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award for Sustained Excellence
Awarded for his unwavering professionalism, technical acumen, and personal commitment demonstrated over the last decade as Program Manager and System Integration Lead for the COBRA JUDY Replacement program.

Robert Ingulli, NCR | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award
Awarded for admirably assuming an increasing number of management and business development responsibilities, winning the company’s first task on the Office of Naval Intelligence contract, and playing a key role in the Seaport-E contract award.

Klaes Wandland, Dayton, OH | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award for Sustained Excellence
Awarded for his exemplary and longstanding success in leading the nation’s most prominent airborne hyperspectral imaging program – ACES HY – on behalf of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.

David Diggs, Greenville, TX | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award for Sustained Excellence
Awarded for continually exceeding customer expectations in his role as Chief, Special Logistics Program at the 645th AESG where he tirelessly provides logistics support to a highly classified $600M program.

Not Pictured:

Mark Quicksell, Dayton, OH | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award for Sustained Excellence
Awarded for the outstanding, mission-focused leadership he brings to the Big Safari Program in his role as RC-135U COMBAT SENT Program Manager, 645th AESG, a position he has held for the past eight years.

Also pictured are Mr. Thomas Pitts, Chairman of the Board of Trustees (far left), and Mr. Richard Annas, President of Riverside Research (far right).