Riverside Research Earned "Superior Ratings" by Defense Security Service

NEW YORK, NY – As one of America’s premier not-for-profit providers of independent, trusted, technical and scientific expertise, Riverside Research strives to deliver mission-focused solutions to the US Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). Today, Riverside Research announced it has attained “Superior” security ratings from the Defense Security Service (DSS) at all of its cleared facilities nationwide.

This announcement came after the Riverside Research headquarters office received a Superior rating as a result of a DSS Vulnerability Assessment completed on April 15, 2016. Its New York office joined six other Riverside Research facilities in Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Virginia in receiving the “Superior” rating. As the highest award given by DSS, only eight percent of approximately 13,500 facilities they oversee receive “Superior” ratings.

“We are honored to receive a “Superior” rating at all of our cleared facilities,” said Dr. Steven Omick, Riverside Research President and CEO. “It is validation of our commitment to deliver premier security postures to protect classified and controlled unclassified information—and that the US government trusts us to do so.”

The Defense Security Service (DSS) oversees the protection of US and foreign classified information and technologies in the hands of cleared industry under the National Industrial Security Program. As Functional Manager for the DOD, DSS provides security education, training, certification, and professional development for DOD and for other US government personnel, contractor employees, and representatives of foreign governments.