Riverside Research Employees Recognized for Exceptional Achievements

WASHINGTON, DC – Riverside Research, a not-for-profit scientific research company primarily supporting the Department of Defense (DOD) and Intelligence Community (IC), recognized and celebrated the remarkable work of its employees at the company’s annual awards ceremony held near its Washington Business Office on May 3.

Every year, Riverside Research presents two types of awards to employees who exemplify the company’s commitment to technical excellence and trusted mission-focused solutions. Thirteen employees were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments during 2016.

The Ralph J. Mastrandrea Memorial Award, named for the late Executive Vice President, recognizes the significant achievements of select employees during the past year. The Lawrence H. O’Neill Award for Sustained Excellence, named for the founder of Riverside Research, is presented to those individuals maintaining a superior performance record throughout the course of several years.

“Earning one of these annual awards is the highest honor an employee can receive from Riverside Research,” said Dr. Steven Omick, President and CEO of the company. “Our 2016 recipients embody the selfless dedication, professionalism, and integrity of Mr. Mastrandrea and Mr. O’Neill.”

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Riverside Research congratulates the following individuals.

Back row (L to R):

William Hamilton III, Greenville, TX | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award

Kevin Harris, Dayton, OH | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award

Timothy Birt, Dayton, OH | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award

John Latch, Boston, MA | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award

Robert Cody, Dayton, OH | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award

Brian Skow, Dayton, OH | Lawrence H. O’Neill Award

Front row (L to R):

David Dirksen, Colorado Springs, CO | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Eric Lally, Dayton, OH | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Eli Lansey, New York City, NY | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Daniel Scott McLaughlin, Dayton, OH | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Rex Mykrantz, Dayton, OH | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Jeffrey Oltmanns, Dayton, OH | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Samuel Bolling, Washington, DC | Ralph J. Mastrandrea Award

Also pictured are President and CEO Dr. Steven Omick (back row, far left) and Board of Trustees Chairman Mr. Thomas Pitts (front row, far right).