Riverside Research Hosts First-of-its-kind Peer-reviewed Journal: Two Cultures

Riverside Research is proud to be the inaugural host of Two Cultures, a peer-reviewed international journal of science, technology, and the humanities with a special focus on human security. Named after the influential Rede Lecture in 1959 by British scientist and novelist, C.P. Snow, Two Cultures aims to facilitate a dialogue where the two cultures – the sciences and the humanities – intersect; especially where the intersection affects the security of the individual and group at the local and international levels.

“As a not-for-profit scientific research institution steeped in academic heritage, we enthusiastically support communication, collaboration, and interaction between science and the humanities,” said Richard Annas, President of Riverside Research. “As Snow’s work suggests, trust between the two cultures can only be established through transparency, honesty, and direct interchange. This journal – which we are extremely proud to host – is a forum to build that trust and communication through the scholarly exchange of ideas.”

Published biannually, Two Cultures will give special attention to articles, book and film reviews, essays, and editorials that promote knowledge, justice, compassion, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be human in an era of scientific innovation and complex technology. According to Shawn Kalis, Director of Education and Training at Riverside Research and Managing Editor of Two Cultures, no other journal in the world has the focus or depth of scholarly inquiry at the crossroads of science and the humanities. Two Cultures is uniquely focused on the impact to human security, making this journal the first of its kind.

“Our commitment to enhancing national security through both technical and advisory services to a diverse customer base makes us a natural fit to host Two Cultures,” continued Annas. “We truly hope the discussions of this journal will bring together different fields under the common purpose of fostering collaboration to provide a more secure future for us and our children.”

The inaugural issue of Two Cultures will be available December 2012.