Riverside Research Internships Culminate in Presentation Day to Local Employers

Dayton, Ohio – Eight student interns from Sinclair and Clark State Community Colleges culminated their internship experience at Riverside Research by presenting their projects to several local employers and academic officials during the fifth biannual Intern Presentation Day at Riverside Research’s Beavercreek facility.

“Attending the presentations is a great pleasure,” said Reece Newman, Computer Information Systems (CIS) Chair at Sinclair. “The opportunities provided by Riverside Research to Sinclair CIS students are excellent. As evidenced by their projects, the students are highly creative when joined together with first-rate software, focused mentoring, and a wonderful work environment. I couldn’t be happier about the results.”

Riverside Research launched the intern program in 2010 as a way to help the Dayton workforce transition from its manufacturing roots to a highly qualified, tech-savvy unit capable of supporting the new high-tech business areas developing in and around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. One of the key workforce development drivers embedded within the intern program is the Educational Alliance Partnership (EAP) agreement Sinclair and Clark State have with software development company Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI).

Under the EAP, interns are privy to AGI’s physics-based commercial software package, Systems Tool Kit (STK). STK is commonly used by operators, analysts, and engineers worldwide to model complex land, sea, air, and space systems in the context of the mission environment. Stephanie Eftimiades, Education Program Specialist at AGI, flew to Dayton to attend the Intern Presentation Day. 

“The presentations were fantastic,” she said. “I was very impressed with the students’ use of STK software in such a variety of applications. They demonstrated a strong understanding by creatively utilizing STK in scenarios with real-world applicability.”

Also in attendance was Gary Wittlinger, Managing Partner of Applied Research Solutions, a Dayton-based small business that supports the DOD and Intelligence Communities. He commented: “These initiatives are exactly what the greater Dayton and Wright-Patterson communities need to augment our technical talent base and sustain our competitive edge moving forward.”

“Employers find that our Intern Presentation Day is a good opportunity to find qualified workers to fill immediate openings,” said Dr. Andrew Shepherd, Collegiate and STEM Programs Manager at Riverside Research. “The intern program continues to grow as students and employers learn about the benefits.”

Eighty-six individuals have participated in the program to date. “We are aware of at least 29 interns obtaining paid positions during or after their internships,” continued Dr. Shepherd. “Since 2010, we’ve hired eight interns as full-time staff members and two additional interns as part-time consultants.”