Riverside Research uses STK Components for Web-based Collection Feasibility

The Enterprise Collection Research Tool (eCRT) developed by our Modeling and Application Development Laboratory (MAD Lab) is the focal point of a recent case study posted by business partner Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI).

Challenge: Develop a secure community feasibility environment for space-based remote sensing to perform intervisibility calculations, determine vehicle position, and compute acquisition times.

Solution: The eCRT is a PL-3 accredited web-based access calculator that supports hyper-realistic satellite/sensor modeling, target modeling, and collection visualization for complex satellites and constellations based on user-defined collection requirements.

Results: The MAD Lab’s eCRT empowers the user with textual feasibility reports and immersive visualizations for almost any image-based sensor phenomenology.

Click here to download the entire case study from AGI’s website.