Open Innovation

Riverside Research’s open innovation R&D model encourages both internal and external collaboration to accelerate innovation, advance science, and expand market opportunities. It fosters creativity and synergy to encourage and drive innovative solutions to current and anticipated challenges while allowing us to more easily embrace emerging technologies. Our company operates a series of geographically-dispersed laboratories enabling company-funded research that complements our customer-focused services and provides reach back for our customers.

Our 30,000 square-foot Open Innovation Center (OIC), located in Dayton, OH, is our flagship open innovation facility dedicated to promoting research across our distributed, company-wide laboratory system. We develop high-end technology solutions in the areas of:

We support technical research concept maturation through sustained, multi-year strategic initiatives as well as independent research and development projects. As a not-for-profit, our financial strategy provides significant internal funding enabling us to do more R&D than companies many times our size. This empowers our workforce, partners, and customers to more quickly turn ideas into solutions.

Open Innovation Center Tour