A guiding principle of the Riverside Research team is to conduct all aspects of its contract activities to the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that it exceeds customers' expectations with regard to quality, schedule, and cost. We feature a flexible Quality Assurance (QA) program, and will develop individual Quality Control Plans (QCPs) to meet the task order (TO) requirements and to maximize quality and performance under this Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. We will deliver our QCP at the TO Kick-Off Meeting and provide updates as required. The QCP is updated and tailored for each TO.

The following are levels of QA responsibilities for each management level:

  • Level 1 - Technical Staff - Measure the progress of their work against the TO Plan on a daily/weekly basis and alert their respective TO Manager (TOM) of any variances. They are responsible and accountable for the quality and performance of their work.
  • Level 2 - Task Order Manager - Oversees work progress and quality against the Integrated Project Management Plan, timelines, and schedules. Feedback from government leads are used to ensure quality support, products, and deliverables meet or exceed their requirements and expectations. For issues, "get-well" plans will be reviewed weekly until all action items are resolved. Team resources will be realigned to ensure the highest quality task deliverables.
  • Level 3 - IDIQ Program Manager - The Program Manager reviews work progress for all contract activities. Work performed, schedules and cost are reviewed monthly to ensure quality, and risk concerns are identified and addressed in a timely and effective fashion. The Program Manager interfaces and coordinates with TOMs/Contracting Officers Representative to ensure any and all government concerns are identified, clearly defined, understood, and resolved. The Program Manager will review TO "get-well" plans with TOMs on a bi-weekly basis, and review program level "get-well" plans on a weekly/bi-weekly basis until all action items are satisfactorily resolved.
  • Level 4 - Corporate Quality Control and Assurance - Riverside Research provides the policy and guidance for all quality guidelines. Riverside Research program managers utilize these policies to establish basic quality principals in the management of their program.

By applying this layered approach to our QA activities, the appropriate level of management can assess, engage and ensure maximum quality of services throughout the program lifecycle.

Teammates and Functional Areas

Irene Smith, Director of Contracts
Phone: 212.502.1724
Fax: 212.502.1722

Gary Van Gorder, Contracts Manager
Phone: 937.427.7009
Fax: 937.431.3811

Capture/Program Manager
Michael Nelson
Phone: 937.427.7044
Fax: 937.431.3811