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  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms such as satellites, UAVs, and autonomous systems must process data in milliseconds to transmit decision-making information to the warfighter in real-time. Timing is critical to their mission; the faster they are able to receive actionable intelligence, the quicker they can take action. Riverside Research scientists are pioneering algorithms to make this possible.
  • Complex mission systems like swarms of UAVs are charged with important missions that keep our nation and warfighters safe from harm. Protecting these mission systems from cyber-attack is critically important. Riverside Research cybersecurity experts are developing new strategies that provide better whole-system cyber protections.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to augment GEOINT analytic processing, Riverside Research has demonstrated that analyst time is refocused on deeper analytics while detection accuracy and sensitivity are increased, enabling more effective and efficient intelligence.

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