Intelligence Analytics

Riverside Research provides a wide variety of image science, intelligence modeling, and other intelligence analytics services to implement cutting-edge and novel analytic techniques and contribute to the evolving intelligence requirements of our DOD customers. Our experts use data analytics to inform defense and operational customers of early indications of potential adversarial actions. We apply data analytics to intelligence problems to identify trends, patterns, and behaviors not otherwise recognizable via traditional analysis.

Riverside Research is comfortable with diverse sensors, programs, and methodologies. Our GEOINT experience includes providing electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR), overhead persistent infrared (OPIR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and multi-spectral support encompassing land and bathymetry studies critical to the warfighting mission. We also work across MASINT, Multi-INT, fusion, and cutting-edge collection and exploitation programs. In addition to understanding the science, sensors, and programs, we understand their application—working with operational mission application. We have pioneered novel operational approaches, such as guided integration of new sources into military exercises, and a fleet-level program that enabled the warfighter direct access to subject matter expertise.

We are leading efforts across the IC and DOD to integrate model-based production into analytic methods. By creating knowledge of the scenario rather than the target, we can apply informed collection methodologies, advanced processing, and comprehensive analysis to support timely reporting. Our iterative approach takes knowledge gained from analysis to refine the model, resulting in constantly improving collection, assessment, and responsiveness against dynamic missions.

We provide leadership and expertise applying automation to intelligence analysis, not just through model-based production, but also through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Through our machine learning laboratory, we prototype and apply advanced neurologic algorithms, networks, and techniques to intelligence challenges, transferring those advances to our customers’ missions. These increases in automation have been demonstrated to free up analysts’ time for deep analytics and to detect subtle patterns and cues.

Riverside Research applies intelligence analytics to address:

  • Intelligence analysis
  • Homeland security
  • Indications and warnings
  • Environmental science
  • Systems behavior
  • Operations research and optimization

Our staff members hold advanced degrees in remote sensing, environmental sciences, meteorology, analytic photogrammetry and mathematics, forestry resources, and geography. We have become integral members of multi-intelligence support teams, lending expertise throughout the areas of responsibility around the world and applying advanced analytics to directly impact the fight.