Radar Simulator (RADSim)

RADSim is a custom modeling and simulation tool built by Riverside Research to model algorithms and to simulate a radar’s functional elements without specialized system/mission hardware or software. RADSim uses a graphical programming language to rapidly build and assess prototypes and perform “what if” trials and algorithm trade studies. Our team has developed a library of radar algorithm modules that the user can drag and drop into a model. After an algorithm has been modeled in RADSim, it provides a unique capability to test and evaluate the algorithm’s performance against simulated or live mission data. In addition to generic functional elements, the tool simulates the functional capabilities of the high-fidelity instrumentation sensors.

Features and Benefits

  • Modeling and simulation

  • Test and evaluate simulated or live-mission data

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Radar Simulator (RADSim)
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Radar Simulator (RADSim)